Exotic Dance

Drawings and paintings in this section are sexy, drawn from life in mainly striptease pubs in London and the provinces and are a true representation of dances performed where no camera is permitted. These drawings are uncontrived and a candid representation with no fabrication, nor are they drawn with any photographic reference and should be regarded as reportage or documentary drawing.

I quickly scan in my sketches, print out and progress with transparent inks, watercolour or pastel before the end of the day (or the day following), while the character of the dancer is still fresh. Oil pantings are then developed with my own drawings for reference.

It is with admiration and respect for the exotic dancers that I have made these drawings and paintings. They go to the core of the founding principle of art, which is love, where an erotic drive becomes an artistic desire.

The girls' names are nom de plumes and have been changed to protect their identity.

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